Titanium Coating Technology

  • Our state of the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) machine is able to produce elegant, beautiful and durable arc ion plating titanium finished stainless products.
  • The coated stainless steel surface abrasion resistant is increased up to 10 times that of normal stainless steel substrate. This superior coating is also able to outlasts other known colouring process.
  • It is also much better than other exterior finishes in fire, chemicals and pollutant resistants


Surface Print Protect 2 (SPP2)

  • A special electro-chemical coating process, that enhances the coated surface’s anti-bacterial, anti-pollution and anti-fingerprint properties.Which require minimal maintenance and cleaning.
  • SPP2 also helps increase the stainless steel surface rust resistant and also creating an unique coated appearance.


Surface Finish Polishing Machines

With the much know how and our own machines, we have the capabilities to produce high quality and consistent stainless steel surface finishes as below:

Non-Direction (ND)

  • Unique random short swirling surface finish, but to create consistency on the whole sheet / plate surface will requires much skill and experiences in setting. This surface finish is highly in demand because its appearance is able to sustain mild scratches that could be caused by rough cleaning cloth.

Hairline (HL)

  • A soft finish effective in dissipating glare. It is created by continuous linear polishing along the length of the sheet / plate. This is a popular surface finish because it is easy to touch up / repair in case the surface is mildly scratched by exterior causes.

No.4 (N4)

  • Straight broken lines along the length of the sheet / plate polished by a rotating abrasive belt. Much like by users because the surface is easy to clean and maintain.